Why it makes sense to switch to an independent energy supplier

Trying to pick a gas and electricity supplier for your home can become confusing, especially now there are more suppliers to pick from. Many homeowners can be put off from picking an energy company if they’ve never heard of them but newer independent energy companies frequently offer a better deal.

First Utility, the UK’s largest independent energy supplier, has consecutively offered some of the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs on the market and recently invested £10m in improving First Utility customer services. The supplier helps its customers manage their energy usage with innovative thinking and modern technology, such as the First Utility app.


If you have any First Utility problems, you can contact them via telephone, email and complaint form. Through feedback and technological insights, First Utility continuously looks to improve customer service offering to remain a leader in the utility industry.

About First Utility

First Utility is the UK’s fastest growing and largest independent energy supplier. Offering an alternative to the ‘Big Six’ providers it is committed to helping the UK reduce its energy bills by offering some of the cheapest gas and electricity tariffs, helping customers use less energy through the use of innovative technology and campaigning for industry change.


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